The following is an overview of AFROTC scholarship programs. For full details and requirements please visit the Air Force ROTC scholarship webpage

Students have three opportunities to earn an Air Force ROTC scholarship. The first way is during senior year of high school through the High School Scholarship Program. The other way is through our in-college scholarships. 

High School Scholarship Program

The High School Scholarship Program (HSSP) is available for high school seniors. The application window is open from 6 July - 15 January. That means you can apply for this scholarship starting the summer before your senior year and through the fall. 

  • There is no cost or obligation for applying
  • Minimum grade requirements:
    • GPA: 3.0
    • ACT / SAT: 26 / 1240
  • Obligation
    • You can leave Air Force ROTC anytime during your freshman year with no commitment to serve or pay back the Air Force. 
    • Starting sophomore year you are committed to finishing the program and serve at least four years on active duty. 

In-college Scholarship Program

Students have two opportunities to compete for a scholarship once in college. In-college scholarships are typically offered during the spring semester freshman year and fall semester sophomore year. 

To compete for an in-college scholarship you must be an active cadet in our program and meet the eligibility requirements. The minimum GPA eligibility is 3.0 (college GPA). 

DOD Flagship Language Program

Flagship Scholarships are automatic to cadets who gain entry to the University of Minnesota’s Chinese Flagship Program (as GMCs), have that language as their primary major for AFROTC, and meet the qualifications for a scholarship:  GPA, PFA, DODMERB qualified, have a passing AFOQT (if taken).  Cadets admitted into a Flagship program will be awarded a Type 2 scholarship starting the semester admitted and is good for 2.5-4 years or through the cadet’s senior year.  The 5th year of the program is covered by the DoD’s Language and National Security Education Office.

More information about UMN’s Flagship Program can be found at the following link: 

Do I need a scholarship to join Air Force ROTC?

No, you don't.

The description above describes the process and requirements to get a scholarship. A scholarship is not required to join Air Force ROTC and the eligible requirements for general entry are different.