College Students

Univ of Minn Cadet

Incoming Freshmen:

If you will be attending the University of Minnesota this fall, joining Air Force ROTC is as simple as signing up for our classes. It costs nothing extra so long as you are a full-time student. Why not give it a try? There is absolutely no obligation and you may become eligible for one of our numerous scholarships after your first semester.

Ready to join? Log into MyU For Students and register for AIR 1000 and AIR 1104.

Current Freshmen:

It's never too late to join Air Force ROTC. Stop by the Armory and see if our program is right for you. We will issue permission numbers up until midterms or you can join up at the start of the Spring term. 


You can still join Air Force ROTC as a Sophomore so long as you have at least three years of college remaining. You would simply sign up for both the freshmen and sophomore Aerospace Studies Courses. It seems like a lot but it is actually only one extra hour of class per week. 


In a few rare cases, we can even accept Juniors into our program. These situations typically involve the student either being in a 5-year approved engineering major or planning on pursuing graduate course in their final year of Air Force ROTC. Stop by the Armory or send us an email to talk about your options. 

Law Students

If you are attending Law School at the University of Minnesota, you may be eligible to apply for the Graduate Law Program or the One Year Commissioning Program. The application process occurs during your first or second year of Law School and, if selected, you would complete Air Force ROTC in your second and/or third year of Law. This program is extremely competitive so if you are interested, come see us early.