Future Cadets

If you are considering a career in the United States Air Force and are interested in earning your commission through Air Force ROTC at the University of Minnesota, you have come to the right place. 

In this section, we will explain a little about our program as well as the next steps you will need to take in order to join. If at any time you have any questions or concerns not addressed here, please schedule an appointment with the Recruiting Officer.

Air Force ROTC Structure

You are probably already wondering what being a member of Air Force ROTC will entail. Honestly, it is much like any other extracurricular activity, only this one leads to an amazing career in the world's most dominant Air and Space Force. There are certain classes and events that you must attend, however, the rest of the time you are free to live, work, and play just like any other college student.

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General Military Course (GMC) and Professional Officer Course (POC)

The GMC consists of the first two years of Air Force ROTC. It includes a one-hour Aerospace Studies course and a two-hour Leadership Laboratory course. It is designed to improve communication skills and provide a window into military life. It is also an opportunity for students to try out the program with no obligation.

The POC is offered to those cadets who successfully complete the GMC and are selected to attend the summer Field Training at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. This course consists of a three-hour Aerospace Studies course and a two-hour Leadership Laboratory course. It focuses on further developing each cadet's leadership and problem solving skills as well as prepares them for active duty in the United States Air Force. All members of the POC are committed to serve a minimum of four years on active duty after graduation and commissioning. Leadership Laboratory is an excellent environment to improve your verbal communication, planning and organizational skills. You will also gain valuable hands-on management experience with your peers.

Aerospace Studies Courses

The Aerospace Studies courses are the foundation for learning what it means to be an Air Force officer. The curriculum is separated in four major areas: The Profession of Arms, Communication Skills, Leadership Studies, and Military/Internations Security Studies. These courses are taught by active duty comissioned officers and are one hour during the GMC and three hours during the POC.

Leadership Laboratory

In Air Force ROTC, you will not only develop your knowledge and skills as a leader in the classroom, you will also apply them for two hours per week in the Leadership Laboratory. There, you will develop your demonstration of command, effective communication, physical fitness and knowledge of military customs and courtesies. This course takes place on Thursday evenings from 1600-1800 and is taught by the upper class cadets under the guidance of the detachment Operations Flight Commander.

Physical Training

Physical fitness is an integral part of military training and is a necessity when preparing for a career as demanding as that of an Air Force Officer. Our physical training program is one of the best in the nation as demonstrated by our consistent Top-10 ranking among the 145 Air Force ROTC Detachments. Our mandatory PT sessions are held from 0615-0725 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and there are several other voluntary workouts throughout the week. In additional, each semester you will take the Air Force Fitness Assessment to see where you measure up.

Morning PT