Special Tactics Prep


To educate fellow cadets about the Special Tactics Officer (STO), Combat Rescue Officer (CRO), and Air Liaison Officer (ALO) career fields and to physically and mentally prepare potential candidates for selection.



Though not an official Air Force ROTC program, the Special Tactics Prep Team is a group of highly motivated cadets who push above and beyond your typical ROTC commitment. Each semester, they complete 10 weeks of training, and a 24 hour training exercise in preparation for the mental and physical rigors of Special Tactics Officer/Combat Rescue Officer selection. Training includes Calisthenics, Running, Crossfit, Swimming, Rucking, Water Confidence, and Team Building Exercises. To join, cadets must score at least 97 on the Air Force PFA and be able to complete the Physical Ability and Stamina Test (PAST).