High School Students

Univ of Minn Cadet

If you are in high school now is a perfect time to start learning more about Air Force ROTC and the opportunities it has to offer. 


Applications to apply for an Air Force ROTC scholarship start the summer before  your senior year. The application window is open from 1 June - 17 January. The application involves submitting test scores, grades, and an interview at a local Air Force ROTC detachment. Click the Scholarships tab to find more information about the application process, how much the scholarship provides, and how to apply. 

Missed the application window?

Don't worry, a scholarship is not required to join Air Force ROTC. If you are coming to the University of Minnesota and want to be apart of Air Force ROTC all you need to do is register for Air Force ROTC classes in the fall. There is no application to fill out prior to joining and anyone is welcomed to join provided you meet the minimum eligible requirements. Furthermore, there are opportunities to earn a scholarship once you are in college. 

Check out the College tab if you are coming to the University of Minnesota and want to know what classes to sign up for. 

Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors

It is never too early to start preparing yourself for an Air Force ROTC scholarship. The Air Force looks for candidates with strong examples of leadership and organizational skills. Build your resume by getting involved in projects that will develop your leadership skills. Planning a community project, becoming a leader in a student group or the captain of a sports team, or completing that eagle scout project are some great examples of ways you can set yourself up for success. Being able to demonstrate leadership experience is a crucial part of the Air Force ROTC application process.